Our UK Digital Marketing Partner: Footprint Digital

Footprint Digital is a digital marketing agency, providing specialist support to driven and ambitious companies to help them make better business decisions and, ultimately, more money online.

We believe that education is at the core of digital marketing, and strive to educate our clients, offering technical knowledge and strategic expertise to help them make better choices for their website. As well as our digital marketing solutions, we also offer intensive training sessions for any level. These can be one-on-one or for small groups, to help companies learn about digital marketing.

Our team values led, believing that anybody can achieve whatever they set their minds to. They believe in an open, honest and fair approach to digital marketing that does not take shortcuts.

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SEO Services

We specialise in search engine optimisation, which provides better search engine visibility and ROI for websites. SEO pushes websites higher up in search engine rankings through keyword targeted content, expert technical fixes, and strategy.

Pay Per Click Advertising Services

Pay per click advertising drives traffic to a website through targeted advertising on search engines and social platforms. Our PPC team take a keyword led approach to building and managing PPC accounts. We can build an account from scratch, or take over and improve an existing one.  

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Footprint’s research led, user-experience orientated, conversion rate optimisation focuses on converting traffic into customers. The process takes a client through extensive research, before alternative webpages are designed for developers to implement and test against originals. 

Site Build and Migration Support

The transition of any website from old to new can be an extremely volatile time for its search engine exposure. It is also the best and most efficient time to ensure that the new website is built to succeed in search and drive organic traffic. At Footprint we have developed specialist solutions that help with website build and migration, supporting developers to ensure that websites are created with SEO in mind and to ensure that websites launch without unforeseen headaches. 


Analytics is at the heart of every digital marketing campaign, measuring success and providing direction. Our team is well versed in Google Analytics, using it on a daily basis and taking the Google Analytics exam every 18 months. The team’s insight into analytics means they can measure performance and turn this data into real results for their clients. 

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