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Experiential Marketing?

Luxury Superyacht


A new generation of High Net Worth Individual (HNWI) is arriving into the luxury market.
From China, India, Africa or USA.
They are Millennium and generation X who have or will soon have a massive buying power in coming years.
Both are not traditional consumers base on technological development.


“One of the biggest challenges faced by the superyacht industry to date has been bringing in clients who haven’t experienced, or who don’t have knowledge of, yachting.” –

“Most yacht adverts are based on the product, whereas we are perhaps failing to excite people by the emotional experience…” - Edmiston & Company

“The problem is the industry continues to function as it did 25 years ago, yet we face a new generation of buyers, the millennials. They are 30-35 years old and their consumer patterns are completely different”. – Yacht Club Monaco MC

“We are finding increasing traction with VR technology as a sales tool. The utilization of VR, and its effectiveness to inspire a client may divide opinion. But we can all agree that new clients are the industry’s collective target for 2019, so anything that can help should be embraced.”


It's a Digital Strategy that helps reduce the gap between online strategy and offline strategy using Immersive Technology such as 360° Video and Virtual Reality.

With immersive technologies, you can share real-life luxury experiences with their audience. These experiences immerse the audience into actual event and situation from anywhere and at whatever time. 


    . Bring real-life experience to the online world.

      . Helps attract a new generation of HNWI who never experienced luxury goods.

      . It’s a unique marketing tool that will surprise the audience and attract media attention

      . Helps people to visualize the experience before they buy so they can make a faster and better buying decision.

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