“ A strong team focused on creative ideas, customer service, experience and great work. Our people have worked on TV ads, Corporate, Film, IT, New Technology, Sales, Marketing and Social Media for hundreds of industry. ”

Fardi Mohamed
Managing Director

Before SYS, Fardi spent over 15 years creating corporate videos for international brands across a wide range of industries. Moving to the UK, he had a successful career as Senior Sales & Marketing Manager with Virgin Group. This expertise gave him a unique understanding of visual marketing that he uses to develop successful visual campaigns & tools.

Visual Production Team
Freelancers, Contractors & Partners

Creative Directors, Videographers, Specialist Cameramen, Video Editors, Motion Graphic Artists, 3D Animators, Actors, Voiceover Artists, Copywriters and Make-up & Hair Stylists.

Digital Platform Team
Dynaweb & What Solutions Partners

Our IT team and partners have delivered over 3000+ projects, including standalone software, websites, web applications and mobile applications.

Social Media & Online Marketing Team
Artell & Marketing Monkey Partners

Expert team of SEO Technicians, Content Strategists, Copywriters, Social Media Managers, Facebook Ad Creatives, Email Marketers and Graphic designers.

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