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The best way to show-off your office space in 2020!

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The best way to show off your office space in 2020!
Office space Industry in 2020

2020 will show a massive increase in office space in major cities around the world. With the troubles of WeWork, the biggest office space provider in the world, other office space providers will find a huge opportunity to gain market share and an increasing number of new providers will arise in 2020.



For office space providers, the fastest way to generate online enquiries and registration is to showcase the office space on a website using images, video and virtual tours along with description of the features and benefits.

The main objective is to get the viewer to visualize what the office space looks like and understand what added features and benefits they will get so they can make an instant buying decision.

Although this online strategy sounds great because it saves time it’s missing the many important factors of the decision buying process.


Main Cons:

      Lack of differentiation: 90% of the office or workspace industry apply the exact same online strategy, making it really hard for someone to differentiate a working space from another.

      Lack of Emotional connection: Online webpages with images, video, virtual tour and descriptions are useful but don’t help people to feel emotionally connected.

      Photos are a great way to give viewers a view of the space but they only show certain parts and don’t give anywhere near enough information for clients to make an informed decision.

      Promotional videos will offer more of an in-depth impression of the space in real-time but again show only certain parts and they fail to connect the dots to give an accurate representation.

      Google view, matterport 3D, or any virtual tour application will connect the dots and show you all around the space but this media shows you only empty space and fail to show you the atmosphere and what the space is actually like in real-time -something that is extremely important to enable the viewer to create an emotional connection.



The physical tour is the best solution because the potential buyer will get a personalised guided visit in a real-time environment and get all the information they need while interacting with someone directly.

The guided visit is the best way to create an emotional connection and get the potential prospect to make an immediate buying decision.

Main Cons:

      Time: It is time-consuming for the office space staff and for the prospect.

      Consistency: Each tour is different because after all your office staffs are only human beings and they might miss information, not been in the mood, or have a lack of enthusiasm.

      Disappointment: From the lack of clarity from image and video online many people can get miss led and feel disappointed during the physical tour making point of sales hard to close.



360 Guided Video Tour

. 360 Guided Video Tours help you bring the physical tour online eliminating all cons from both strategies.

. A 360 Guided Video Tour combines physical tour, photo, video, virtual tour and description all in one media which can be shared online or used offline too.

. It enables office space to send the physical tour to a potential prospect without the need for him to travel to the office space.

. More-over it adds information that will not be available to demonstrate during the physical tour.

. Bring consistency in your touring strategy

. Save time for the prospect and the office space staff. The prospect will have a real-life tour from anywhere and at any time.

The office space staff with save time touring unqualified leads and increase its meeting closing ratio as people who will turn-up to visit the space already have had the tour and qualify to buy.

Online and Social Media Impact:

360 Guided Video Tour can be uploaded directly to YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo making it extremely easy to share online, email and run online ads campaign.

Face-to-face (Direct) Impact:

Using a portable VR headset, the prospect can fully immerse himself and get a real-life touring experience from the comfort of his sofa. VR Headset experience of 360 Guided Video Tour has the best impact on people’s minds because it creates a real-life emotional experience with space.

Real R.O.I:

The statistic doesn’t lie. 360 Guided Video Tour increases ads campaign success, time spent on a website, social media engagement and the emotional connection with your office space.

Real Differentiation: It’s your lucky year, in 2020 no one is using 360 Guided Video Tours so office spaces who will use this innovative media will reap the reward of being the first and truly differentiate themselves from the competition.